Bichon Frise Eye Care

Caring for the eyes of a Bichon frise is one of the most important aspects of its health. This article will help you out with some of the things that you can do to ensure that your Bichon has clean and healthy eyes.
DogAppy Staff
If there's one dog that can make you go all gooey inside and melt even the toughest of hearts with its twinkling eyes and stuffed-toy like appearance, it's the Bichon Frise. There's something about this furry little creature that makes you want to just cuddle up to it and protect it from any possible danger. But, this adorable cuteness does come at a price. Among the various health problems of the Bichon Frise, it's the one affecting the eyes of these angelic dogs that are most common. However, they're also very easy to take care of. And this DogAppy article will tell you how.
Eye Problems of the Bichon Frise
The Bichon Frise has small, dark, button like eyes, which gleam in innocent mischief. However, due to the excess hair around the eyes, dirt gets accumulated near the eyes, resulting in tear stains. And since these dogs have a snow-white coat of fur, these stains become even more visible to people looking at the dog. It not only makes the poor little dogs uncomfortable, but also mars their appearance to some extent. Fortunately, we have some tips that you can use to keep your Bichon's eyes clean and clear.
If you own one of these dogs, you're well aware about how high maintenance they are. It's not only their fur that needs this high maintenance though. Make it a point to make sure that the area around the eyes gets extra attention. Since the fur around the eyes offers protection from dirt and dust, you can't really remove it from there. It is in fact, this very dirt and dust that is getting collected and producing the tear stains. What you can do is, neatly trim the hair around the eyes. This will ensure that your dog gets protection from the foreign particles, and at the same time not allow too much gunk to get accumulated. Plus, it will reduce the level of irritation that he feels around the eyes. You can have a professional dog groomer do this for your Bichon, or if you think you have the hang of it, you can do it yourself. Be extremely careful though.
Apart from regular grooming and trimming, you need to make sure that your Bichon's eyes remain clean at all times. It comes with the territory really. You simply can't expect to have a Bichon as a pet and then conveniently ignore its eye cleaning regime. Especially if he's prone to tear staining. You need to constantly keep an eye on his eyes and make sure that when you see tear stains forming, you get a soft cloth and some water out. Gently clean the area around the eyes and wipe away the stains. After you have wiped the eyes clean, you can apply some petroleum jelly around the eye (be careful to not let it enter the eyes). This petroleum jelly will prevent the particles of dust or dirt from entering the eyes by keeping them at bay.
Visit the Vet
Sometimes, staining near your Bichon Frise's eyes could occur even after you have taken the above-mentioned precautions. In such cases, you need to consult the veterinary doctor about the staining problem. It's quite possible that your dog is allergic to a particular food. So, you may be advised to alter his diet accordingly. Alternatively, you may also be given some medication to administer to your dog to help reduce the staining problem if there's another medical cause for it. So, if your dog's pretty eyes don't get better with your efforts, it's time to go see the doctor!
The eyes of a Bichon Frise are one of its best features. The glaring contrast between the shiny black buttons and the stark white color of the fur is very appealing and one of the major reasons why these dogs are preferred. So, take good care of their eyes and they'll be back to their stunning selves in no time!