Best Dry Puppy Food

The best dry puppy food is stuffed with a lot of nutritional value, for puppies who need that extra care in their diets. Find out what you should be feeding your puppy, and see what's best for him/her...
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Last Updated: Aug 1, 2018
Puppy in a Basket
The thought of puppies makes dog lovers instantly feel all warm and fuzzy - adorable fuzzballs who unlike any other pets, embody the epitome of cuteness. When you consider to pet a dog, you should be aware and well-heard about its dietary and other requirements.
Now, the downside is, not many people are aware that commercial dog food products can be unhealthy and dangerous for your dog in the long run, and might contain nothing of nutritional value. Find out alternatives of what the best dry puppy food is, that doesn't contain what other brands speak of.
How to Choose the Right Dog Food
Ideally, sticking to one trusted brand ensures that your dog doesn't go through digestive problems due to odd eating habits. As long as it contains the same value of ingredients from one brand to the next, you can prevent the dog from falling ill.
AAFCO Approved
It is wise to choose dog food that comes under the approval of the Association of American Feed Control Officials. For those who don't have AAFCO approved products in your locale, find out which association has approved and stamped it as dog food worthy to incorporate it as a part of your puppy's diet.
A-Grade Ingredients
The best dry dog food contains a high amount of vitamins, proteins that are easy to digest, calories and minerals. An indigestible filler is sometimes not added to products, and if it is, the amount is moderate. Too much of filler isn't good for you dog.
Age Factor
Look for brands that specifically mention the age and dog breed of the puppy, so that you are sure the ingredients are made to suit its system.
Vets know which brands are good for dogs, so take suggestions and recommendations from a good vet. Even the breeder that you got your puppy from, will know what works for their kind. Find out what it has been eating previously, so as to follow the same diet regimen and avoid messing their digestive systems.
When puppies are about 8-12 weeks old, they need a lot of nutrients and energy packed foods. So, start feeding them with high quality protein, minus the filler and a growth formula. The best dry food brands have a good portion of calcium and nutrients, with more than 25% protein added with little or no filler at all.
When you're puppy reaches the last stage of its puppy period (3-5 months), you have to avoid giving it growth formula, to avoid rapid growth that arises from skeletal problems.
Best Dry Dog Food Reviews
The best puppy food comprises nutrients that will let your pup grow into a healthy dog, that is less likely to fall ill due to bad ingestion. Here are some of the best puppy food brands out there, that you must consider getting for your little pup.
Raw Food
This is catching on as a popular diet plan, with pre-made diet plan or that you can cook for dogs. Some good brands are Dr. Billinghurst's BARF raw food diet, Primal Pet Foods, Steve's Real Food, Wellness CORE Natural Grain, Northwest Naturals and Blue Wilderness for dogs. This kind of diet is increasingly popular as feeding a dog naturally is the way to go.
Back in time, when dog owners didn't have time to nurture them, these animals depended primarily on raw food. So, the theory is, if dogs were evolving with that same dietary method, then raw food is what does the trick. It's an all natural diet that excludes the use of additives, chemical ingredients, by-products, preservatives and fillers.
Grains should be kept away from a dog's diet, as it isn't right for the digestive system to absorb. A raw food diet contains a lot of other meaty content like salmon, pork, rabbit (sadly), turkey and also a lot of greens and fruits. Ingredients high in nutrient content can also be added to the raw food diet, like flax, eggs, seed meal, yogurt and kelp.
What keeps dogs fit and problem free, is also a wide array of enzyme rich nutrients with amino acids, which is of course easily digested by the dog's system. It can save your dog from many problems like allergies, diseases and a weak immune system, unhealthy gums, undeveloped jaws and so on.
There are cons, like being subjected to E.coli and salmonella bacterium, so, it is advised that you wash the raw meat thoroughly and note any changes in your dog. Consult a good breeder to help you out on how to incorporate the raw food diet plan in dog's daily routine.
Homemade Dog Food
This option is a little better than the raw food diet, namely because you are preparing a meal yourself. It is a cleaner and safer way of feeding the dog, since you know what you add to its meal. One needs to know that adding a good balance of vitamins and proteins in its diet is essential, as well as managing portions for your dog's everyday calorie intake.
Dog food recipes are available on the web to aid you with meal preparations. Some of the best homemade dry dog food recipes include veggies, meaty stews, etc. Check and avoid foods that can prove to be harmful for it. Dogs suffering from past dog health problems, will exhibit a noticeable change in its health as the diet switches to homemade dog food.
For the best dry dog food, surf the web, in stores and consult your vet/breeder. This will ensure that your puppy food that is healthy, balanced and a 100% reliable.