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Best Dogs for Apartments

Best Dogs for Apartments
The list of best dogs for apartments in the following article will cover canines that are considered good for apartment life. Read on to know which are the best dogs to keep in the apartments that you should consider adopting...
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Dogs have different personalities just like us humans. Some dogs are hyperactive, some dogs are reserved, some do well with kids and some don't. There are different dog breeds that need a lot of living space and plenty of exercise and some are happy in a one room apartment with little physical exercise. So if you too are looking for some information related to best dogs for apartments, then this article will give you some choices that you may find very useful. But, before we go into the details of the best dogs for apartment life, let us see the criteria that makes a dog suitable for small spaces.
Criteria for Best Dogs for Apartment Life
You need to keep in mind certain factors that make a dog a good candidate for an apartment life. Before you adopt a dog, make sure you consider the following factors and then make your decision.
Size: In this case, size does matter! You should compare the size of your apartment and your dog. If you have a space crunch, there is no point in bringing home a Great Dane. Although, a low barker and low shedding dog, Great Dane will grow up to be as big as you. Therefore, be sure you get the right size dog for your apartment.
Levels of Energy: If you are going to stay out of the house the entire day, busy with work and come home tired to the bones, it is not wise to consider a high energy dog. If you cannot take your dog out for this regular physical exercise and give him plenty of activities to release his energy, then you better not adopt such a dog.
Age: Now, age plays an important role in choosing the dog. Whether you would like to adopt a puppy or bring home a well-trained adult dog, is your choice according to your needs. Both have different needs and the pros and cons of each one differs. So, weigh your requirements carefully before bringing home one.
Kids: Yes, kids are another important criteria that you should think about. Some dogs are not very patient with children and a bit of tugging and pulling of fur here and there may cause them to nip and bite. So, think about this in detail and only then bring home a dog as pet.
Breed Temperament: You need to read and know all about the breeds temperament in detail before you bring a dog home. Some dogs are high-strung and need an owner that can control and restrain them well. If you are easily pushed around, you will have a problem at hand. So, consider your will power and leadership qualities before you get home a dog.
These are just a few qualities that you should consider before adopting the best dog for apartment life.
Best Apartment Dogs
These are small, cute little dogs that are known for their friendly behavior. Pugs have an intelligent brain behind that adorable face. They invent their own games and keep themselves busy. They are the best apartment dogs as they require little space and have a friendly nature. Also, the dog grooming requirements are moderate as this dog needs to be groomed almost on a daily basis to remove facial wrinkles and dirt.
Bichon Frise
The Bichon Frise looks something similar to a poodle. They are very affectionate dogs and have a really friendly nature. They need short walks to complete their exercise needs. They will remain happy and satisfied with their apartment life.
Cocker Spaniel
One look at the sad, soulful eyes and you will be ready to sell your soul to the devil. Cocker Spaniels are one of the best dogs for apartments and kids. They require a bit of basic exercise and love spending their day lounging on your sofa. If you wish to have someone waiting for you eagerly with a warm welcome, when you come home tired from work, then a Cocker Spaniel is for you.
Lhasa Apso
You will get lost in the long fur of this really small dog breed. The Lhasa Apso is a Tibetan dog and is also a good apartment dog. It weighs around 15 pounds and is basically a lap dog. Treat him like a king and fulfill his regular grooming needs and you will have a good and happy dog well suited for an apartment life.
A small, short dog, with a body that looks like a hot dog. This delicious looking dog is one of the best dogs for apartment life. They are moderately active indoors and won't mind if they do not have a backyard to dig around. Dachshunds are suited for older children who do not trouble them a lot. But, if you have toddlers around, then dachshunds are not for you.
Basset Hound
The Basset Hound belongs to the hound group and is nothing like you would expect a hound to be. You can consider them as masters of couch potatoes as they will sleep around the house. If you take them outdoors, they will have the time of their life and your couch potato will be transformed into an active ball of fun. They are happy to live in apartments, but you should provide them with plenty of opportunity to play outdoors to remain healthy. They have a mild temperament and very friendly and affectionate around children. The Basset Hound can safely be considered as one of the best apartment dogs..
These are good apartment dogs as long as you give them plenty of opportunity to spend time outdoors. Beagles are active indoors and if you have a small backyard, they will be more than happy. They are excellent dogs for children though not very friendly towards cats.
This small black dog is the best dog for apartment life. He has a small docked tail and weighs only 10 to 18 pounds. They are very active and will want to take part in each and every family activity. These small dogs good with children tend to be a bit wary of strangers. These good family dogs are one of the most loyal and devoted dog breeds.
Although the name makes the dog sound like a vicious animal, English bulldogs are very affectionate and dependable dogs. They are good for an apartment life and won't complain if you do not have a backyard. Bulldogs are well suited for regions with temperate climates. In case of children, you can have blind faith in these Mr. Dependables as they are known for their courage and guarding instincts. They are very gentle with children and kids will love their stumpy bodyguard.
Chinese Shar-Pei
I love this dog, it's so wrinkly and soft and loving. They do well in an apartment with sufficient exercise. These moderately active dogs are very peaceful dogs when indoors. Shar Pei's do not have any problems with cats and children, if they are introduced to both early in their lives.
Other low maintenance dogs good for apartment life are Cairn Terrier, Italian Greyhound, Pomeranian, toy Poodles, Corgi, West Highland White Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, etc. You should be prepared to take good dog care as even low maintenance dogs need some amount of attention and dog training.
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