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Best Dog Food for Pugs

Tulika Nair Sep 26, 2018
Buying the right dog food for your pet is quite confusing with so many options available. Let us look at some information that might be helpful for you.
Most of us think that if a particular brand of dog food is widely heralded, then it must be nutritious for the dog but that is not true. Some of the best commercial brands of dog food do not provide the nutrition they need and therefore, it may be important that you switch over to homemade dog food for pugs.

Choosing Dog Food

While homemade food is the best option, sometime it is impossible to prepare meals for your dog. In such a case you may have no option but to buy commercial dog food for your pug.
It is important that you buy those brands that are certified by the Association of American Feed Control Officials or AAFCO. The brand needs to have a label that says that the food provides complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages of the dog.
While choosing dog food, there is one rule of thumb that should be kept in mind; choose good dog food with human grade ingredients. This is because it is important that the ingredients used are organic and wholesome. Dog food should be devoid of chemicals in any form.
Pugs, like all other dog breeds, are carnivores. While vegetarian owners may believe that they can provide all the nutrients their dog needs with vegetarian dog food, this is far from true.
A pug needs a daily diet that comprises 50% of meat in some form or the other. Choose meats that are low on fat as pugs have a tendency to put on weight. Dog food made from turkey is extremely nutritious.
If you want to add vegetables to your pug's meal, then add them in shredded or mashed form as they are easy to digest. For carbohydrate content, serve your dog cooked brown rice mixed with meat and vegetables. Pugs are susceptible to dog allergies, so if your dog shows even the slightest sign of an allergy, take him to a vet.
Avoid feeding him corn in any form. The dog food should be a healthy mix of protein, vegetables, and grain, in the 50:40:10 ratio.

How to Make Homemade Dog Food for Pugs

Here is a recipe with which you can make dog food at home. This is the best food for pugs as its nutritional content is enhanced by the fact that there are no preservatives added to the food.


  • Rolled oats / potato flour, 6 cups
  • Cooked brown rice, 3 cups
  • Dry milk, 2 cups
  • Sunflower oil, 1 cup
  • Soy sauce, 2 tablespoons
  • Bone meal, 2 teaspoon
  • Water, 4 cups


  • First mix the rolled oats, brown rice, and dry milk together.
  • Next, in a different utensil, mix the sunflower oil with three cups of water. You can substitute the water with meat or chicken broth for the flavor.
  • Now, slowly fold this mixture of liquids into the flour mix that you made earlier.
  • For flavor, you can the soy sauce. You can also add bone meal for the protein it provides.
  • Mix all together until you achieve a mix that has a smooth consistency which is not very dry.
  • Now put the mixture into a baking dish that has been greased properly.
  • Divide the mix into smaller parts so that you can bake the mixture in batches.
  • Bake the mix in an oven that has been preheated at 175 ºF, for thirty five minutes or so. When it is baked properly, the mixture will be light brown in color and will not stick to the sides of the pan.
  • Once the food is baked, remove it from the oven and let it cool.
  • Now, break into small pieces and store it in a container that is air-tight.
This is an easy method to make healthy dog food that is nutritious and definitely the best food since you have made it yourself without the addition of unhealthy preservatives. However, it is best to first consult the vet before including anything new in your pet's diet.