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Best Dog Food for Boxers to Help You Feed Them Right

Best Dog Food for Boxers
Here, we will take you through some of the best dog food for Boxers and tell you what to feed him in order to provide proper nutrition.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
Do not buy foods that contain preservatives BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin. These are carcinogens and can be very dangerous for your dog's health.
It can get quite confusing if you have a Boxer and don't really know what to feed him. There are several such breeds that need to be fed specific kinds of dog food so that proper nutrition and effective care is provided for. Yes, your confusion is justified. Boxers do need special kinds of food to get the best nutrition and keep healthy.

In this following DogAppy piece, we will look through the theories behind choosing the best dog food for Boxers and also try to look into what some of the food choices that you can make are. If you need to know more details of the same, read the following article on the kind of food you should be feeding the Boxers and why.

Boxers need a particular kind of diet to keep active and healthy. This diet, however, needs to be regimented or else they end up becoming fat and lethargic and therefore, prone to illness. Another pointer to keep in mind is to never experiment with the kind of food you're feeding them. It takes a toll on their health and their digestive system suffers.

There are several choices when it comes to feeding Boxers. These are the 3 most common methods that are used.

• Home cooked food
• Raw food
• Commercial diet
Raw Food
Many owners prefer to feed their Boxers the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet. The BARF diet consists of recipes that mainly consist of bones and other raw foods along with the other necessary supplements. These ingredients will be as follows:
Raw Food For Dogs
Raw Food
• Raw meat
• Bones
• Dairy products
• Eggs
• Fish
• Fruits
• Meats
• Vegetables
• Supplements
The advantage of this kind of food is that you can control what you feed them and make sure that only the best food is provided for. The reason why this becomes important is that Boxers are one of those dog breeds that are prone to allergies and other health problems which can be avoided if you know what you're feeding them and are controlling the quantity as well.
Home Cooked Food
Home cooked food is another great choice that you can provide for your Boxer. This kind of food allows you to control what you're feeding him―you can therefore include the best foods that will ensure proper nutrition. Speak to your local pet store and the vet to understand what kind of foods to include and exclude.

Other than that, you will have to experiment to understand what suits your dog. Ask your local pet store for more information on the kind of raw food that you can provide for him. Here are two recipes that you can start out with.

• Ground beef (5 pound)
• Chicken livers cut into small bites (6 oz)
• Eggs (6)
• Oats (2 cups)
• Plain pumpkin (1 large can)
• Yogurt (1 cup)
• Green beans (2 cans)

• Use a huge pot and put in the yogurt, pumpkin, green beans, eggs, chicken liver, and eggs.
• Mix the oats in and stir well.
• Mix the paste with the ground beef and freeze.
• Every time you need to feed your dog, just thaw this mixture and you're done.
• You can make a lot of things with this dish as well. For example, make it into a stew or bake it.
• It would do your Boxer good if you add some form of calcium supplements to the mixture.
• The good thing is that you can add variety to the veggies and oats and change the ingredients as and when.
Pasta,Vegetables and Meat

• Turkey or any other meat (protein)
• Starch (potatoes, rice, pasta)
• Vegetables

Just make sure that the ratio of meat (protein) to starch to vegetables should be 1:1:1.
• Cook the turkey in plain water without adding any spices.
• Once the meat is tender, separate it from the bones and measure out in cups for a correct estimate of what you need.
• Next, cook any starch. You could use the same water that you used to cook the turkey.
• Mix these two ingredients and add steamed vegetables (carrots are a great choice) to the same.
• Mix these well, store in bags, and freeze.
• Then just get one bag out every time you want to feed the dog.
Commercial Diet
When it comes to commercial dog food, there are a lot of choices to be made―however, it has to be understood that not all these foods are good for the Boxer. You have to able to make a distinction of the quality of these foods. The following are certain factors that you need to consider when choosing the food.
Choose quality over price and brands
Girl buying dog food
There will be several brands that big companies come up with, but that does not mean that they are good for your dog. Don't judge a product based on the company that launches it. The best place to look for quality food is at your local pet store or feed store. These products may not be famous, but they will have exactly what is good for your dog.
Steer away from meat by-products
It is imperative that you get into the habit of reading the ingredient labels before purchasing the food. These labels will tell you exactly how healthy the food is. The ingredients are usually listed in terms of weight, therefore, the first few ingredients are what make up the chunk of the food. Since dogs are carnivores, the first product should be some form of meat. Go in for something that says meat or meat meal and not meat by-product. Meat by-products are low quality meats that contain all the bits of the animal that are left over after it is processed for human consumption.
Go in for meat or meat meals
If it is kibble that you're going in for then your best bet is to use meat meals―these are just like meat except that the water has been removed. If meats are listed, they should be further down the list. Also, it is very important that the animal that the meat came from is specified. A generic term like meat meal or poultry meal could mean that the meat is of such low quality or unrecognizable that it could not be tagged. Find something that says chicken meal or goat meal, or any other meal for that matter.
Beware of ingredient splitting
Many times, one ingredient is broken down into different terms and listed as separate ingredients. For example, rice and rice bran may be listed as different ingredients, but they are both essentially rice―so in reality, the product will have more rice than the meat that is listed.
These foods should be avoided
Corn, soy, and wheat
Corn, soy, and wheat
There are certain foods that act as fillers and provide no or very little nutrition. These are corn, soy, and wheat. These are used by the companies because they are cheap and easy to obtain. Other than not providing any nutrition, these products could also lead to food allergies in Boxers, and Boxers as a breed is prone to food allergies, so these should be avoided at all costs.
So then, now that you know what some of the perfect dog food for Boxers is, you can make sure that they get only the best and the most nutritious foods.
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