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Back Problems in Dogs

Kalpana Kumari Jun 30, 2019
Back problems in dogs are quite common. Fortunately, effective medical treatments are available for the same. Check the symptoms for back pain given in this write-up and find out if your dog needs medical assistance.
Back problems are not rare in dogs. Dogs are physically active and keep on experiencing physical injuries and traumas. Sometimes, it gives rise to severe back problems. Apart from accidental wounds, there can be many other probable causes for the same.
A veterinarian can evaluate the exact reason behind the pain, but realizing that your dog is facing some sort of back problem is your responsibility.

Symptoms of Back Problems

  • Change in the posture of the dog
  • Fever, inactiveness, and poor appetite
  • Arched back and guarded stance
  • Yelling out with movement of the spine
  • Reluctance to jump or climb on a chair
  • Paralysis of one or both the legs
  • Crying on being petted and touched
  • Shaking of the hind portion of the body
  • Urinary or fecal incontinence


  • Muscle diseases of the back or neck caused by injuries of the soft tissues, bite wounds, microbial infection, and inflammation.
  • Kidney infection by bacteria leptospirosis often causes back pain. This is one of the serious lower back problems in canines that needs immediate medical attention.
  • Recurrence of muscle spasms may be a possible cause.
  • Degeneration or infection of the discs between the vertebrae of the spine in dogs often causes mild to severe back pain.
  • Membranes cover the brain and spine. They are termed as meninges. Microbial infection may result in inflammation of meninges, called meningitis. It's another cause of back pain in dogs.
  • Fracture or disruption of the spine causes very sharp back pain. If your dog falls from a height, you should immediately take him to a veterinarian for complete evaluation even if everything appears to be fine.
  • Obesity is also a possible cause. The reason is that extra body weight exerts extra pressure on the spine.
  • Cancerous growth of nerve roots, vertebrae tissues, and other cells around the spine are another cause of mild to very sharp back pain.

Home Treatments

  • In case of muscle spasms, search for small knots on the dog's spine by moving your fingers in a circular motion. Apply gentle pressure on them for a period of 10-15 seconds, and then release. Do it 5-6 times a day. It will ease the condition.
  • Use muscle relaxers meant for dogs.
  • Make sure your pet gets appropriate rest. Make his living as comfortable as possible.
  • Keep the weight of your dog under control.
  • Glucosamine is known to heal the tissue fibers between the vertebrae. Add glucosamine supplements in your dog's diet.
  • In case of chronic back problems, place a heating pad on the affected area twice or thrice a day for a period of 10-20 minutes. This will help a lot in treatment.
The suggested home remedies for back problems will definitely give you positive results. However, medical evaluation of the exact cause and correct treatment is a must. Therefore, take your dog to a veterinarian and strictly follow the advice given by him.