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American Bulldog Breeds

American Bulldog Breeds
One of the closest relatives of the English Bulldog, the American Bulldog is a stocky, athletic dog known to be a good working dog, as well as a lovable family pet. Initially there were two breeds of American Bulldog, the Johnson or the "Classic" type and the Scott or the "Performance" type. As time passed, other breeds of the American Bulldog have been developed.
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Characterized by a sturdy frame, large jaws, and a proportional head, the American Bulldog was developed as a farm dog or stock dog by the colonists who came to America. Initially named the American Pit Bull dog, the name was later changed to avoid confusion with the American Pit Bull Terrier.
The breed, which is believed to be a descendant of the English Bulldog, is a strong, stocky dog with a stiff coat and uncropped ears. It revels in hard work and outdoor life. Therefore, an ideal setting for the American Bulldog is a large backyard or a farm where it can roam around uninhibited by the closed spaces of the apartments.
History of American Bulldog
After having been nearly extinct during the Second World War, the breed was resurrected by war veteran Mr. John D. Johnson along with a breeder Alan Scott. Two significant American Bulldog bloodlines emerged from the process, namely the Johnson or the 'classic type' and Scott or the 'performance type'. With subsequent generations, these bloodlines have diluted, as bulldogs are now a hybrid of one or two of the existing types. This has resulted in nearly five types of bulldog breeds which can be distinctly identified.
Different American Bulldog Breeds
The Johnson or the Classic Type
The Johnson type, also referred to as the bully type, is a compact sturdy dog, with pendulous lips, an underslung jawline, a short muzzle, and facial wrinkles. This breed borrows its lineage from the famous American Bulldog, Johnson's Incredible mean machine, which was a crossbreed of the English Bulldog with the American Bulldog breed. The Johnson type is larger and wider as compared to the Scott type and also tends to be less athletic and bulky.
The Scott/Standard/Performance Type
In contrast to the Johnson type, the Scott type is large, leggy, and has a muscular bearing. Physically, these dogs have a longer muzzle and an underbite. Agile and aggressive, this breed was developed as a farm and a guard dog by Mr. Alan Scott.
The Margentina Type
Usually of a smaller size than the initial bloodlines of American Bulldog, the Painter or Margentina type was developed for dog fighting arenas.
The Old Southern White Types
Claimed to be the 'true American Bulldogs', this dog breed was referred to as 'White English'. They are the original country bulldogs which do not descend from any of the modern bloodlines. It was believed that Johnson and Scott possibly used them as the foundation dogs.
The Hybrid Type
Possibly the most common type of American Bulldog breed in existence today, the hybrid type is believed to be a cross between the Scott and the Johnson types. It thus inherits the best of both the breeds.
Happy, friendly, and highly assertive, the American Bulldog is a perfect companion for your home. It is good with children and other pets, besides being an excellent guard dog. However, it would be useful to keep in mind that these dominant dogs need to be obedience trained and socialized so that they are able to adjust to the family life.
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