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Information About the American Bulldog

Rita Putatunda Nov 18, 2018
The American bulldog is a strong and muscular breed. Let us look at some interesting facts about these animals.
The American bulldog is classified as a working dog breed that was bred for driving cattle and to guard its owner's property. They are said to be the closest relative of the Olde English Bulldog.
They, however, are larger in size, since the dog breed did not undergo the kind of changes that were made to the original breed back in Europe.
Back in England, apart from minding cattle and property, the bulldog was also used for the brutal and arduous sport of baiting bulls. However, on the sport being outlawed, this breed of dog began disappearing in England, being replaced by the less agile, more compact, and shorter dog, which is now known as the English bulldog.

Physical Features

Weighing between 75 to 125 lb, or 27 to 60 kg, and measuring 20 to 28 inches, or 50 to 71 cm in height, it is taller, swifter, and more athletic compared to the English type. In fact, some of them have been known to leap up 6 feet high in the air.
Its head and jaws are large and powerful, and its body is very muscular. Although very strong, yet it is light and agile on its feet. It has a muscular neck, which sometimes has a slight dewlap, and a broad and wide chest. The eyes are round in shape with a furrow in between them.
It has a box-shaped muzzle, and the stop is deep and well-defined. The ears can be of various types, such as pendant, half-pricked, or rose.
The tail should not be docked and it reaches right up to its hocks, perhaps even a little longer than that, and ends in a slight curve, while the lips are loose. Like the rest of its body, the hindquarters are also muscular and broad.
The coat is short and rough, and comes in various degrees of white, or varying shades of tan, red, brown, or brindle. While any color of eyes are seen, however, in white-colored dogs, mostly there are black eye rims.


Great fortitude and determination, utter devotion, and love, are some of the attributes that are usually used for describing the American bulldog. While being fearlessly dedicated, it also makes a loving companion, and is good around children as well as other animals in the household.
This breed of dog has fought fire, bulls, and wild dogs, and is well-known for displaying great courage in order to protect its master. Being highly intelligent, it has the ability of assessing a situation and reacting appropriately, and then carrying out the task in hand with great concentration without being distracted.
And yet, it obeys instantaneously when called off. Since this dog has such powerful protective instincts, it is important to obedience train it and socialize it very early. This breed has a tendency of slobbering and drooling.

Grooming and Exercising

Having a short and rough coat, the American bulldog is easy to groom. Use a firm bristle brush to brush its coat, and it needs to be bathed only when required.
However, it does need to be exercised well, since it is an athletic dog, and requires a long walk daily. If it gets enough exercise, it does quite well in an apartment. As far as health is concerned, it is a hardy and healthy dog, generally, although some strains may be prone to hip dysplasia.