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Incredible Facts About Alaskan Malamutes You Won't Want to Forget

Alaskan Malamute Facts
The Alaskan malamute is adorable and considered one of the most beautiful dogs. Some alluring facts are awaiting a read from you. Come along. ...
Azmin Taraporewala
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Are you a dog lover? Do you love to cuddle your poodle innumerable times during the day? If you are 'wagging' your head vigorously in affirmation, then here is an opportunity for you to learn about the Alaskan malamute dog breed. If one had to describe them, it would be 'bold and beautiful'. Well, they, pound for pound, are a strong and intelligent breed.
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Know the Facts
☛ The Alaskan malamute has its originate roots buried in Alaska, essaying an instrumental role during the Gold Rush in 1896. They were known for their superior load-lifting ability.
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☛ The Alaskan malamute's physical attributes include a broad head, fluffy and furry tail that spells thickness, and prodigious ears that are wide-set and large in structure. The anatomical structure of the malamute has a heavy and robust appearance.
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☛ The Alaskan malamute is obtainable in colors and sizes that are in accordance with nature, making the breed all the more adoptable. Malamutes are predominantly blessed with subtle shades of gray with a black or white trim. Their coats suspend luster with silver or sable as their cover. They have facial markings that toggle between the white 'open face' to a 'full mask'. The markings look etched out with an amalgamation of the color black on the head, circular black marks around the eye, and the nose and the jaw covered with a black patch. Malamute dogs have their eye colors in true shades of brown.
☛ The task of training the Alaskan malamute could be a hard nut to crack. He learns new commands at his own pace. Be patient, for he would test just that!
☛ They have a very pleasant demeanor and a loving disposition. They share a great rapport with their master. They are an intelligent breed of canines. Having a cooperative dog behavior pattern, by no means concludes that the breed is submissive and subservient. They are active to the core when they have an intelligent and interactive companion by their side.
☛ The Alaskan malamute can act foolhardy with other dogs, especially to the opposite gender. However with human beings, specifically their masters, they exhibit characteristics of a befitting friend.
☛ Alaskan Malamutes believe in bonhomie. They love almost everyone who enters your drawing room. They may not be good at guarding your residence; however, they would display devotion and bosom loyalty no end. Bottom line: With the Alaskan Malamute, guarding goes to the dogs!
☛ The Alaskan malamute loves to accompany his master for long walks. The malamute will be more than obliged to go for a morning jog on a cold winter day. Well, by adopting an Alaskan malamute dog, you would have a jogger ... a partner in disguise.
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☛ Another fun-filled fact is that they are extremely powerful and active. They are not timid, agreed; nevertheless, they will play with you and will be happy and gay to fetch the Frisbee for you. Some malamutes are good swimmers, and some love to give company to their companion masters.
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☛ The breed has a dense undercoat with an overcoat of coarse fur. Malamutes endure a hair-shedding phase at least twice a year. They are not high on excessive care routines and grooming activities. However, it depends on you. If you would like to brush his hair on a daily basis, do so; and if you want to groom him once every fortnight, go ahead!
☛ It should be kept in mind that however good the grooming schedule may be, and even if the dogs are well looked after, they are bound to shed fur. Be it in the house, in your car or in the shower stalls ... one needs to know that fur shedding is natural and you shouldn't be fastidious about this very natural process.
☛ A common complaint with regard to the Malamute's health is being foisted with hip dysplasia and cataracts. Other health troubles reported include epilepsy, kidney disorders, and skin defects.
☛ A common complaint with regard to the Malamute's health is being foisted with hip dysplasia and cataracts. Other health troubles reported include epilepsy, kidney disorders, and skin defects.
☛ Their cute and cuddly demeanor has kids wanting to play and spend time with these little bundles of fun and frolic.
☛ Alaskan malamutes and giant Alaskan malamutes are not the same. A basic male malamute weighs around 80 to 85 pounds and the female records a weight of 60 to 65 pounds, whereas the giant malamute males weigh anything between 120 to 180 pounds, with the female weighing at approximately 100 to 110 pounds. Hence, the name suffixed with the term 'giant'.
I trust you have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of reading all about the Alaskan malamute. So, when do you plan to bring one to light up your little dwelling? You, sure, will have a companion for keeps!