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How to Train an Aggressive Puppy

Rajib Singha Nov 20, 2018
Puppies are cute and adorable, and they can be a wonderful part of a family. But sometimes they can be so aggressive that they are labeled as a 'bad decision'.
Biting is something that comes naturally to puppies. For them, it's the way of showing their dominance and strength. Puppies do not part way with this quality of theirs, even when they leave their family and join ours; this quality comes with them!
Initially the biting may not be so pronounced or painful, which is why most owners ignore such a behavior. However, as they grow, they become more and more aggressive ... to a point that it no longer comes across as 'playful'.
It is extremely important for owners to put a period to such a trait, before it takes the form of something irreversible. In short, 'Nip the evil in the bud'. Here's what you can follow and consider while correcting the behavior of an aggressive puppy.

Training an Aggressive Puppy

The first step is to know when to say 'No'―a firm and bold one. Whenever you feel that the puppy is trying to bite you or put his teeth on you, catch hold of his muzzle and loudly say 'No'. You must hold the muzzle tight, but not too tight. This has to be repeated consistently whenever the puppy is showing any signs of biting or nibbling.
When your puppy bites you, you may sometimes need more than just saying 'No'. When you sense that your puppy is turning a deaf ear to your saying 'No', then you need to confine him to his kennel or leave him alone in another room. This will help the puppy understand that what he is doing is undesired and unacceptable.
The games you choose also matter when dealing with aggressive puppies. Play games which do not require them to struggle or make use of their strength.
For instance, teasing the puppy by holding a toy just out of his reach, would encourage him to lunge to get hold of it. This will only heighten his aggressiveness and frustration. In contrast, playing light games will help you control their aggressive behavior.
Another smart method to deal with the situation is to apply bitter apple to your hands. When your puppy tries to put his mouth onto your hand, the flavor will make him instantly regret his decision. In course of training, cover your hands with bitter apple and let it dry for sometime.
Thereafter, just go for a casual play with your puppy and let his natural instincts drive him to put his teeth on you (which he would if he wants to bite you). The unpleasant flavor of the spray would give him an 'unpleasant' experience and hopefully, he will start refraining from this behavior.
Do not follow what most pet owners do whilst dealing with their pet's aggression. When your puppy starts biting you, it is completely natural for you to retaliate by giving him a smack―this is what you need to refrain from.
Your aggression would only fuel your puppy's aggressive behavior. So, be calm and hold your temper. If you let it out on your puppy, he will go on defensive, which will make him more violent than ever.
Remember that your puppy's aggression either stems from his natural canine instinct, or can be traced to certain situations in the past. Whatever the reason be, you have to do your bit to help your pet become social and friendly to all. For this, you would need to follow the mentioned tips and additionally, show lots of love and patience from your side.