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Affenpinscher Information

Affenpinscher is probably one of the most lovable and fun toy breeds that exist! Read on to know more about this breed.
Shalu Bhatti May 13, 2019
Whenever we look at an Affenpinscher, their big eyes and facial hair, especially their mustache and beard like hair, reminds us of the short elves with short nose and a round face. Don't you think so? It is because of their small, shabby and monkey like looks that they are also known as the 'Monkey Dog'.
In fact, if you translate the term 'Affenpinscher' from German, it literally means 'monkey like terrier'. The other names for this dog is more like a nick name of their original name, and so, they are known as 'Affen' or 'Affie'. This breed is known to be originated from Germany, wherein larger breeds of similar nature were found as early as the 1600s.
They were used as farm dogs to hunt vermin. Later, the smaller breeds were developed to make this dog suitable to be a house dog for hunting rats, as rats were a great concern in houses back then. The Affenpinscher is ancestrally known to be related to the Griffon Bruxellois and the Miniature Schnauzer. Read ahead to understand more about this toy breed.

Affenpinscher Breed Information and Facts

Looking at an Affie reminds us of those adorably cute soft toys you get in the stores, but the best part is that unlike toys, these dogs will actually respond to the love and cuddling that you shower on them. Though they are small, they are extremely alert, courageous, and have a lot of attitude in them.
These qualities make them an ideal watchdog guarding its territory and those who live in it. They are extremely active, smart, quick learners, and always curious. So they will be a good option for you if you are up to some cute and adorable activities and humor. Read ahead for some important facts and attributes of this breed. Have a look.

Affenpinscher Breed Attributes and Facts

  • Weight: 7-8 pounds
  • Height: 25-38 cm
  • Life Span: 11-14 years
  • Litter Size: 1-3 puppies
  • Coat: Wire
  • Shedding: Moderate
  • Color: Black, Red, Gray, Silver, Black and tan, Belge (mixture of all the aforementioned colors)

How are Affenpinscher as Pets?

By going through the aforementioned details, you would have got the basic information about the Affenpinscher, but what kind of pets are they? IHow will they be when they are a part of your home? What about their personality around humans and other animals?
How about their grooming and training requirements? What would be your sole responsibility towards your pet Affenpinscher? Let us have a look at answers of these questions.


When it comes to the personality and temperament, don't go on the appearance of this dog. Though they appear to be small and tiny with their hair covering them from head to toe, this dog is extremely fearless and courageous. Don't underestimate their toughness and efficiency in guarding your house, and when we say guarding, we don't mean just from the rats!
They can be very alert, active and can prove to be extremely capable of becoming the perfect watchdog for your house. As pets, they are extremely fun loving. It is simply delightful to watch these dogs showing affection towards you and doing adorable acts like climbing, rolling, and wandering around the house out of curiosity.
They love to keep themselves busy and therefore they always want to be involved with the family because they don't like to be alone or make their family (you) feel alone. This is the reason why these terriers can actually become very protective about their possessions like toys, bones or bedding.

Training and Grooming

Like every other dog that is expected to stay with humans, even this one needs training and grooming. When it comes to training the Affenpinscher, it is not that difficult a job as they are pretty quick learners and like being busy and active. The only point to remember is that you need to make the training very challenging and avoid being monotonous.
Now, speaking of the grooming part. Well, we've already mentioned about the long hair and wired coat that this dog has. Though there is almost no problem of shedding with this dog, the hair do fall off when they need to be replaced with new hair cuticles. So, brushing their hair every alternate day would actually help preventing tangles and the shabbiness.
Always use a quality brush and start brushing from their legs and belly. Because the hair tend to grow long enough, they may actually end up irritating the eyes. So carefully remove the hair around the eyes so that your dog is comfortable all the time.

Health Concerns

You might be thinking we had said in the aforementioned sections, that this dog is a tough breed and is not at all delicate! But then, even the toughest fall sick at times and this is no exception. Like other toy breeds, the Affenpinscher is prone to hip dysplasia, wherein the abnormality in the hip socket can cause pain, crippling lameness and arthritis.
Other health conditions include slipped kneecap and patent ductus arteriosis which is a heart condition. Therefore, before you decide to get one or more Affenpinscher puppies, make sure you know a vet who is well experienced to handle your pup or dog in case of emergencies.
These dogs are perfect for you if you live in an apartment. Remember, we told you that they are specifically designed to stay in the house! Make sure you give it a lot of love and attention as loneliness can cause some behavioral problems in the dog.
Also, if you have very small children in your house, it would be advisable to not go for this pup as kids might not be able to handle the dog and its temperament. However, for older kids who can sensibly understand the dog in terms of fondling and handling, it is the best companion one can ever get.