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Affenpinscher Facts

Affenpinscher Facts
These affenpinscher facts are about the cutest and most desirable of terrier breeds, which would make anyone want to have one of these as their own...
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Whoever passed the written-in-stone statement of a dog is a man's best friend, hit the bull eye's on that one. There have been so many records of dogs going to the ends of the earth to be reunited with their masters (and mistresses), with stories like the famous dog Hachiko who waited nine long years every day at the same spot where his deceased master would exit the train station. These kinds of stories can melt the hardest of hearts and soften those who at first don't like dogs - eventually falling in love with them.
Affenpinschers are an ancient breed of toy dogs, originating from Central Europe, where they were called devils with mustaches. They're now smaller in size than they used to be, being bred down to a smaller kind than their ancestral members. From the many types of terriers, this dog in particular is quite miniature in size compared to others, where they were first used back in the day to catch rats and ward off intruders, being instinctively aggressive and brave enough to approach them.
Affenpinscher Facts and Information
These dogs have the kind of behavior and approach that any dog lover would come to appreciate and love. Although these dogs are commonly associated with terriers, they are actually bred from a line of dogs under the pinscher-schnauzer group. They were also accepted into the American Kennel Club Stud book once they were recognized as quite compatible to the needs of the society. They resemble hairy faced monkeys, slightly like those seen on Star Wars - it doesn't take away its charm nonetheless.
Like all dogs, an Affenpinscher too falls ill to some problematic maladies like slipped stifle, respiratory problems during the summer season, patent ductus arteriosus and even fractures. They are extremely delicate dogs that have to be carefully handled due to their sizes. These are not advisable to keep around small kids, especially age groups that have a tendency to be careless.
Affenpinscher temperaments are playful, alert, active, affectionate to those who own it, quiet when not provoked or introduced to suspicious strangers and brave when it senses oncoming danger. Due to its adaptability to household surroundings, and its amiable nature towards those who lovingly approach it, it proves to be quite a catch when it comes to keeping a pet.
These little devils come in a multitude of colors that are quite unlike other breeds of its kind. You'll find these in shades of red, gray, silver, tan, black, beige and red. Some of these colors will come mixed with streaks of gray and white mixed with the main base color, with some sporting a single white spot around the chest area. Reds can diminish in tone and fall into a more brownish coat or one that borders on quite orange-y.
Exercise and Grooming
Given its small size and inbred tenacity and energy levels, these dogs can be quite active indoors and outdoors where they love games like fetch. Walks would do these little guys some good, since they like these on a day-to-day basis. Their coats need to be trimmed down to about 2 inches high from their bodies, twice a year. Coats have to be combed and brushed twice a week to rid them of loose hair and tangling.
Affenpinschers once introduced into a home, will draw to itself a lot of attention and heavy petting, being quite adorable and the kind to rein in a lot of love and fondness. Be sure to feed them their daily dose of vitamins and minerals in terms of good dog food specially available for terriers. Avoid overfeeding and salt overdoses to help it stay clear from diseases and other health issues.
Affenpinscher Dog
Affenpinscher Dog Looking Out The Window